B O H E M I A N   S T Y L I N G   S T U D I O  

Property Consulting

We are Property Styling Consultants with 10+ years experience in driving up the commercial performance of real estate. We help home owners increase the selling value of a property by maximising interest and emotional engagement to secure the greatest profit result in the fastest timeframe. 


Initial Consultation

Each project begins with an Initial Consultation. This takes place either in-home or via Skype and can go for up to 2 hours depending on the size of the project. This is your chance to take us through your property, discuss ideas and ask as many questions as you can throw at us!

Initial Consultation Fee: $350

Scope of Work 

From there, we will compile a Scope of Work and an estimate of the hours involved to provide customised and tailored solutions for your property and manage all sourcing, orders, trades, deliveries and installation required to complete the project.

Design + Project Management Fee: $150/hr

D.I.Y. Handbook

Alternatively, you may have received all the answers and direction you needed from the Initial Consultation and feel confident enough to head out, run wild and pull together all the elements you need in order to prepare your property for sale. In this case, you have the option for us to compile a D.I.Y. Handbook which is customised to your property and will clearly outline what you need to be looking for, suggested suppliers, and loads of other tips and tricks to ensure your home looks amazing in time for your real estate photos and open house!

D.I.Y. Handbook Fee: $300


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