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We are an Australian, bohemian styling studio, creating immersive, relaxing interiors that feed your soul. Drawing on inspiration from nature and travel, we take great pride in creating a space that grounds you and lifts you, all in the same moment. This is our craft. Black Arrow works closely with high-end bohemia furnishing suppliers to offer a comprehensive styling service to their clients that includes custom interior styling, commercial design, property consultation, and event styling.

black arrow sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah,

A gypsy traveler at heart and a big dreamer. Yet, I can be organized to within military precision. Total yin and yang within one body. I’m forever coming up with ideas to grow our business and constantly saying to Jessi “So, what about if we did this…”. I would struggle to get through life without a list – I seriously make a list for everything! I’m a bit reserved by nature and love people watching. I make up one half of Black Arrow.

If you weren’t an interior designer what would be your dream job?

I’d love to be a full-time yogi living organically on a remote island, except I like my daily piccolo latte too much.

Where do you get your bohemian spirit from?

I was named after Fleetwood Mac’s song, 'Sara', and have long been inspired by their bohemian front-woman, Stevie Nicks.

What are some of your favourite memories from childhood?

I grew up in regional NSW, where dirt tracks, grazed knees and spiders in the gumboots were the norm.  My best friend growing up was a Great Dane called Tilda – a gentle giant.

It’s the end of the world, who is on your last supper guest list?

Stevie Nicks, Mark Twain & Richard Branson. And obviously Jessi! I’d never get away with having a dinner party without inviting her AND she’d love the cheeky chat with Branson!

Hi, I’m Jessi,

I’m a creative perfectionist and all-round smart-ass (the latter being much to Sarah’s dismay). I’m an expert on high-calorie foods and dad jokes. I am always keen to push the creative envelope and secretly enjoy testing Sarah’s patience.  I am the self-proclaimed “better half” of Black Arrow. ;)

black arrow jessi

What did you do before becoming the “better half” of Black Arrow?

Up until recently, I worked solo as a macramé artist and interior stylist.  That was until Sarah & I crossed paths and decided to join forces.  A union that has worked out very well for me, she’s become like my second mum (a hot, active-wearing mum, obviously).

You mentioned Sarah is like a second mum, how does she keep you in check?

She reprimands me for staying up late working all night, keeps me punctual by telling me that our meeting is 30 minutes earlier than what it really is, and makes sure that I have had a hearty meal - not that I need much reminding in that department!

How do you create balance in the partnership?

In return for her taking care of me, I offer her half-eaten desserts - usually something that she doesn’t particularly like so I get to finish it off anyway.  I also provide a few belly laughs and the occasional headache. #dreamteam

Do you have any hidden talents?

Having a (self-proclaimed) “rockstar” for a Dad, it was inevitable that his musical ability would influence me. I am a singer in my spare time accompanied by my partner, Adam who plays the guitar.

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